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wORLD CUP KViTFJELL 2019- 2022

The very first alpine World Cup race was arranged 5th of January 1967. Little did the initiators know at the time what a great success this would be.

This year the circus celebrates its 50th anniversary, and the development has been astounding. Kvitfjell is the Norwegian organizer arranging the highest number of races throughout these years (58 so far). 

Official website: 

I started as head of marketing of World Cup Kvitfjell in December 2018. The pictures below are from super G and downhill 2019 - 2022

Steven Nyman 2019
Dominik Paris
Kjetil Jansrud 2019
Matthias Mayer 2020
Steven Nyman 2020
Kjetil Jansrud 2020
Aksel Lund Svindal 2020
Media crew 2020
the crew
Niels Hintermann 2019
Kjetil Jansrud 2020
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