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I was lucky to be able to participate in MOCDA's official digital summer exhibition the summer of 2022 with my work Enjoy the silence. 


The Museum of Contemporary Digital Art provides digital art education and technology to artists, collectors, institutions and art lovers. First and foremost, MoCDA is a museum that exhibits digital artworks for the purpose of documenting, collecting and advancing the position of digital art.

Official website:


Under the starry midnight sky, the winter frost slowly takes control of the landscape. The birds gather and loudly discuss where to go next, the lakes closes fast while the trees contract desperately. All this in the stillness of the night.


 Enjoy the silence is a video and sound artwork created in the moment where the temperature drops from 0 to -15.  The formation in the ice tells the story of its surroundings before the winter fully takes over. 

The work Enjoy the silence is currently traveling through several galleries in the world. But, I have a desire to make my art accessible to everyone. You can now enjoy the work on either PC, iPad or phone. Best enjoyed with earplugs. ENJOY! 

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