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About She is a pretty mess:
Isn't it strange how even the most seemingly imperfect blooms can exude beauty when placed in the right surroundings? 'She is a Pretty Mess' is a painting that strives to embody this very notion. With colors that don't traditionally harmonize, brushstrokes that seem carelessly applied, and even murky water to blend the paint, it miraculously emerges as something remarkable. Colors bleed and blend, reminding us that, in essence, we're all a beautiful mess. The key is finding our perfect place, where even amidst chaos, our true beauty shines through." 🌸🎨💫


Medium: Watercolor on paper


To make it easy for you: I am happy to share that you can now get your poster finished and framed! Then, you can directly hang it on your wall when you receive it.


Are you renting your home? Cool! Me too! That's why I wanted all of my artworks to be lightweight. This means that you can hang the paintings with command strips. These are not included in your order but can easily be ordered at your local hardware store.


Practical info:

Paper Weight: 250 gsm/110lb

Paper Type: Matte, Uncoated

Paper Color: Natural White (Off-White)

Acid-Free: Yes (The print will not yellow over time)

OBA Content: Free from or low in OBA


This print comes in sizes ranging from A5 – 50x70. If you are looking for a different size, please contact me, and I am sure we can accommodate your request.



Estimated shipping is 5-7 days from the received payment.


Mockup by:

She is a pretty mess

PriceFrom € 25,00

    Hello! My name is Sofie and  I am the artist behind 

    this artwork. I am so glad you like it! I am sure it will fit perfectly in your space. If you have and questions, feel free to contact me!

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